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Capillary Schedule

Every hair type needs moisture, nourishment and protein to be as healthy, strong and shiny as it could be.

But before buying products and do treatments, it's important to understand what are your hair needs and how to suit them using the right products that work in harmony with your hair type.

The Capillary Schedule is a complete hair care guide based in 3 essential  interleaved treatments (Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction) that preserve  hair health and repair the hair cutticles. Including those treatments on your routine is the SOLUTION to achieve your hair healthy hair.

You will get a Personalized Hair Care Guide designed for you according your hair type, needs and goals!

One-Time Experience

30 Days Healthy Hair Challenge

- Tame frizz and tangles;

- Increase softness and shine;

- More volume;
- Increase Curls and Waves definition.

- Try it out to experience the power of personalized Hair Care - Capillary Schedule

Value: 39 euros (42 USD)

Extended Capillary Schedule

3 Month

Hair Growth Plan


* Best Results come with time and dedication. New Program each month according your progress!

- Stimulate better Hair Growth;

- Increase softness and shine;

- Treat damage and prevent split ends to get longer hair! Results come with time.

Value: 111 euros (39 euros: 1 month Capillary Schedule x3 months)

NOW 58 euros (62 USD)

  •  Complete Hair & Scalp Diagnose  to help know your hair type and its needs.

  • Personalized Step by Step Hair Care Routine!

  •   Shower routine  + How to remove Oils Video Tutorial + Glove Method Video

  • Daily habits and Night routine for healthy hair!

  •  Scalp Care routine + Scalp Massage Video Tutorial + DIY Hair Detox

  • Product recommendations based on your hair type, needs and where you are located.

  • Best Protective Hairstyles, Brushes and Hair Cut Guide for your Hair type!

  • Hair Care Checklist to target your goals!

  •  +22 pages PDF with monthly updates according your progress! 

  • 100% Online 1:1 Counseling during the Program where you can clarify all your questions!

The results can be noticed after the first week of treatment. Hair will gradually become softer, shinier and stronger even on the day after you do the treatments, providing long-term results.


If you're dealing with hair loss, thinning, psoriasis, eczema or scalp infections (dermatitis, dermatitis, dandruff)
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