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Hair Metamorphose

If you're struggling with excessive hair shedding, hair loss (alopecia),  thinning or scalp infections, most important than products to use, is to understand the root cause of those symptoms.

It's already proven that this conditions can be related to multiple reasons that are beyond hair care, including nutritional deficiencies, anemia, chronic stress,  thyroid issues, PCOs, other hormonal imbalances and immunity responses.

Holistic health care uses natural resources such as functional nutrition (healing through diet), herbal remedies and supplements to balance and strengthen your health which will impact your hair life's cycle!

This Premium Program is focused on hair and health care with based on Holistic Trichology to Transform your hair from the inside out!


  •  Complete Hair & Scalp Diagnose  to help know your hair type and its needs.

  • Personalized Step by Step Hair Care Routine!

  •   Shower routine  + How to remove Oils Video Tutorial + Glove Method Video

  • Daily habits and Night routine for healthy hair!

  •  Scalp Care routine + Scalp Massage Video Tutorial + DIY Hair Detox Video

  • Product recommendations based on your hair type, needs, goals and where you are located.

  • Best Protective Hairstyles, Brushes and Hair Cut Guide for your Hair type!

  • Hair Care Checklist to target your goals!

  •  Holistic Nutritional Guide  Meal recipes  to promote healthy hair growth.

  •  Supplement recommendations  to treat your hair and scalp while boost growth!

  • +35 pages PDF with monthly updates according your progress! 

  • 100% Online 1:1 Counseling during the Program where you can clarify all your questions!


This method will allow you to gradually heal your hair and scalp condition but also promote better health and well being!


The majority of the results can be noticed after the first month but it always depend on each situation, severity of the condition and commitment of the patient.

Better Health. Better Hair.  It's time for an Hair Metamorphose!

Hair Metamorphose

3 Month Premium

Hair Growth Plan


* Heal your Scalp and Grow Stronger Hair from the inside out. New Program each month according your progress!

- Maximize hair growth!

- Decrease Hair Shedding.

- Treat Hair loss and Hair Thinning.

- Treat scalp dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and other scalp conditions.

Value: 155 euros

(Extended Capillary Schedule

+ 3 Month Holistic Counseling)

NOW 77 euros (82 USD)

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