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How everything started ?


Hi, my name is Mariana Oliveira,

  • Founder of the Capillary Schedule Program

  • Naturopath therapists since 2017

  • Trichology student specialized in scalp care and scalp massage techniques.

My hair used to be one of my biggest insecurity.

Frizz, lack of shine and severe scalp eczema that lean to hair loss and thinning, really impacted myself-esteem and overall well being.

I didn't had a clue on how to take care of my hair and what products work better for me. For years, I went with the flow, having a routine based on appealing labels, influencers recommendations and no progress on my healthy hair journey.


Recover your confidence!

By understanding the connection between your health and hair and use an holistic routine target my hair type and needs, my hair grew back and so did my confidence!

My mission is to help you recover the confidence with your hair while taking better care of  your health and well being through self-care habits, supplementation
and holistic nutrition.
It's time for an Hair Metamorphose!

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